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Should Christians Kiss Before Marriage? | Christian Dating Physical Boundaries

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https://diaryofasuperchamp.wordpress.com/2014/04/28/5-reasons-why-many-christian-girls-remain-single/ **Click for More Videos** https://goo.gl/qe6p6J Become a Patron: https://www.patreon.com/THATCHRISTIANVLOGGER Twitter @jkhoe Instagram @jkhoe Snapchat @justinkhoe https://www.facebook.com/godhasgiventruly For free Bible Studies check out https://goo.gl/zGiLVX Should Christians kiss before marriage or is kissing a sin? On this video, we talk about Christian dating physical boundaries. Many people interested in the issue of Christian dating or christian courtship have read the book, I kissed dating goodbye by Joshua Harris and have found that they're not sure if it works for them. Is it possible to be faithful and still kiss before marriage? Or perhaps a better question, what are some healthy principles for boundaries in dating? Link to full Playlist on Christian Dating/ Marriage https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLn0AusdHLf7-SApvCTBikMdX19TQ30hNs
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Text Comments (787)
Andrew Duggan (3 days ago)
Thank you for this
joel patera (4 days ago)
i really enjoyed the point on how relationships can sometimes end in not so favorable terms, but with a purpose that God may be trying to teach us something about ourselves. kinda something He's been speaking to me about recently. very happy that this type of content exists
Yato Kun (11 days ago)
i find this hillarious all you have to do is ask her/him “do you wanna kiss?” thats it ya shitz
Tony Yu (15 days ago)
Something to consider. If Jesus condemns the act of looking with lust (where there is no physical contact), where do you think kissing fits in? Is it possible to kiss someone you’re dating, someone you’re very attracted to, without lust? Matthew‬ ‭5:27-28‬ “You have heard that it was said to those of old, ‘You shall not commit adultery.’ But I say to you that whoever looks at a woman to lust for her has already committed adultery with her in his heart.
athay naga (16 days ago)
I don't agree. you're indirectly saying that He leads you to sin(putting you in relationship with wrong people)..Lol.It was your decision and lust.
Watched today ....28/10/2018....thanks for the video ....
Paula Hobbs (23 days ago)
I think a kiss on the cheek is just cute and perfect enough😍
09TODsoul (26 days ago)
So great to hear your views on this. I think relationships all depend on the people in them. Like I’ve never had a dating or courting relationship because God knows me and knows that would confuse me and that physical contact means a lot to me so hasn’t put me in a position where I would get hurt that way, but has taught me through friendships and family about emotional boundaries etc that will help me in any future relationships. I don’t know what my boundaries will be in a relationship because I will discuss this with the guy and we will come up with a set of boundaries that work for us. I think Christians need to do more thinking for themselves, and read books or listen to preaches whilst thinking for themselves and talking to God about what they learn and not taking that persons perspective as solid fact
Golden Girl (29 days ago)
Parents kiss their children, is that a sin/bad? Of course not! I live by the word of God, but I also don't believe we have to live our lives constrained in a bubble which blocks contact from the outside world. Fornication IS a sin yes and God rather that we avoid creating temptations for ourself; so oral sex, foreplay, etc would be out of the question, but kissing? That doesn't have to be viewed as something of sexual nature, it's definitely a way for people to show some form of affection. Most importantly, it is up to each individual and their willpower as to how they can defy any type of temptations or sexual thoughts Satan puts into their heads. If you personally feel that kissing is going to tempt you to fornicate, then maybe YOU shouldn't do it.
Cleo Tinlahnd (30 days ago)
I only want to safe sex until marriage. Kissing feels okay for me.
Mister Smith (24 days ago)
Yeah, a little kissing down the road is fine, as long as doesn't get out of hand if u know what I mean😬
Wandering Nature (1 month ago)
Science has proven that kissing makes a hormone to make the couple want sex
Wandering Nature (1 month ago)
Many of my friends are in there 50’s and want to find a Christian for marriage is there an age expiry date on this ?
Danetta Lee (1 month ago)
I really like how you approach these controversial topics and the statements you use because people can so easily misunderstand or disagree with strong reactions, but the way you say it disarms quickly. What I would say is that it takes a person who knows themselves to set boundaries for themselves. Eg. One might find that kissing would lead their mind to unholy thoughts, and for another it might not, or for another just holding hands might do the same. So knowing what your tendencies are will help with knowing where to set these lines if keeping thoughts pure is what you want
Michael Brook (1 month ago)
If I had waited for marriage I would have never kissed anyone. Is it right to deny someone a simple human pleasure?
Michael Brook (1 month ago)
Holy Crap!
SonicMiku (1 month ago)
Honestly, I would spend-time with my girlfriend when God provides me a girlfriend one day. That way me and her will continue serving the Lord, and put our minds on to him; even spend a lot of time with knowing more about each-other as our second thing to do before we even kiss or hug.
Vincent Pisarski (1 month ago)
I dig it. Talk about it with your significant other. Define boundaries and use wisdom.
Hey I like your video. For me kissing before marriage can lead to temptation. It's not all the time that the emotions can be controlled. Fillings are sometimes strong to be controlled.
Hamilton Rowan (1 month ago)
No no no! Do not kiss or embrace. Do not touch her at all! I had a disastrous relationship when I was in my 30s that almost destroyed me! In fact don't even go out with her! I'm a proponent of permanent singleness and celibacy! Not just voluntary celibacy, but I wish I could go so far as to become a eunuch. I want no distractions that might cause me to lose my faith in the Lord! Because it almost happened. Eternity in the Lake of Fire is not worth a few years of sex!
creamcolouredponies x (1 month ago)
I really appreciate videos like this that open up this topic for meaningful, gracious discussion.
ThatChristianVlogger (1 month ago)
Hope it was helpful! Let us know if there’s anything else you’d like to see open discussions on
Allan Isdale (2 months ago)
Great discussion starter, what great use for the YouTube platform. Keep up the good work (I’ve subscribed)
Two Edged Sword (2 months ago)
What are your verses that supports that claim?
Lemons19902010 (2 months ago)
I would not kiss on the lips until my wedding day, but a peck on the cheek would be fine with me. I know my limits and things that tempt to me. Edited to add that this was an excellent video and you made great points against the "I kissed dating goodbye" book and how the viewpoints in that book can lead one to unhealthy or simply, incorrect views on dating, relationships, and God. Thank you for producing such a relatable and God honoring video!
steven pitcher (2 months ago)
You should check out a book called 31 prayers for my future wife. Although its not an sda book I do believe that our young people should read it. It's basic thought is even prior to meeting the person we need to pray for each other. pray to show God's love to the other person and pray for the character for the other person, their family and their daily life. Any way i'm glad your doing this ministry.
MrAwesome Productions (2 months ago)
When should you move in with your significant other?
ThatChristianVlogger (2 months ago)
After you say I do?
Manase (2 months ago)
Thanks for the video I'm glad it answered one of my questions though I still have questions in my head one of them Is, Is it right for Christians to marry secretly?
MyRomyZone (3 months ago)
I have a question: How can you help direct your significant other towards God if they are not Christian? And if you don't because you broke up, does that mean you missed your chance?
Sammi Jacobs (3 months ago)
I love this. You approached it without making anyone feel guilty. Not that the other videos on this purposefully make people feel guilty, but I feel other Christian videos on this can give off such a judgmental vibe, but not the case in yours... thank you!!
Didy Larry (3 months ago)
Am really so much inspired bro ! GOD bless u
WhileImWaiting (3 months ago)
If you do get married, even before you are married you do have a spouse and you should honor them even if you don’t know who they are, God knows. What would your wife/husband say if he/she walked in on you kissing someone or cuddling with someone on the couch. If your spouse would consider it cheating don’t do it before you are married.
Honey beans Blog (3 months ago)
Is having a first kiss on 6th or8th grade a sin?
DongDong Elfish (3 months ago)
Hi Can you answer my little question Is kissing in the church is allow in marrige?
R.45 E (3 months ago)
Cool tip I have heard if you wouldn’t do it to your grandma you probably shouldn’t do it before marriage. I would give my grandma a kiss and I would hold her hand but not anything more. LOL
ThatChristianVlogger (3 months ago)
LOL! oh goodness
Queen Of The Damned (3 months ago)
This guy is a true Christian but for me I can't be with a Christian guy if he can't hug me on his free will I want a hugger for a Christian husband it's a must
who cares anyway (4 months ago)
Would a kiss on the cheak be fine?
xexenia (4 months ago)
Greetings from Mèxico
Lauren Maslin (4 months ago)
As a young teen setting the boundaries very strongly helped me avoid getting engrossed in an unhealthy relationship. Now a young adult, I appreciate how those values helped put me in a place of really valuing my worth highly and protectig myself from bad influences. I am not sure I would be so legalistic with it now, but I am certain I would feel strongly about letting a man know what I was and wasn't going to be comfortable with. Much to learn, but being clear early in helps to weed out the fakes from the real deal I am not looking to date anyone for quite a few years, but I think physical contact is a beautiful way of showing love for another (in friendship or in a love relationship) and I would only allow this as a form or trust between myself and
Orgrasia Kodisang (4 months ago)
Is kissing but abstaining from sex before marriage as a young christian couple ?
shantel cooper (4 months ago)
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david charles smith (4 months ago)
You should get one Gods recommend Love Dolls for your desires!
david charles smith (4 months ago)
What' I don't get is I read the Bible and it clearly states that I can give my daughter to strangers at my door .
_Lilstylers_ KINGS (4 months ago)
Is it a sin
The Mad Commenter (4 months ago)
There's a big difference between sexual kissing and actual love kissing. Personally, I think "making out" like they do in the movies is sexual.
Leafy Ralph 21 (4 months ago)
I think it's ok, and another one, no need to rush kissing a girl if your relationship is just geting started. First build a foundation around your relationship. Courting is different from in a relation ,you start all over again. Even a lips of a woman is worth the wait.
Kelechi Okoronkwo (5 months ago)
I don't think I want to risk my testimony brethren
Kelechi Okoronkwo (5 months ago)
But think about this,if a long term kiss is OK,what about robbing all over her body because some people will equate that to kissing.
Kelechi Okoronkwo (5 months ago)
A cheek peg is cool,or a mouth to mouth short kiss,the only problem is that you might end up caressing her
Kelechi Okoronkwo (5 months ago)
Well,I know it's difficult, but I still think we shouldn't go the long term Mouth to mouth kisses,it is emotional a lot
tbl gaming (5 months ago)
You can kiss okay, that's okay BUT if you push her on the ground and go too far with her
Jo Martinez (5 months ago)
this video sucks
ThatChristianVlogger (5 months ago)
awww stop, you're making me blush! You're too kind!
CS77 Smith (5 months ago)
I have a silly question I can't seem to find in the bible, is it a sin if I only like to touch (Massage girls) and kiss them on their neck, legs, arms?
Ashley Cole (5 months ago)
Thank you so much for the guidance. I was a little confused about this topic and it really brought me light. Personally, I think I'll be waiting a month or two before kissing
Seidian-Belle Causey (5 months ago)
I agree with you
Ama Park (5 months ago)
Good view. I think it is possible to kiss and still honor God, especially if you have a routine of praying together and communicating about these things regularly. ❤️ It is refreshing to hear this view.
MainEagleX (5 months ago)
Dude. God does not care about sex before marriage or kissing. Btw God loves gays and if you believe differently then I'm sorry but you clearly have no clue what Christ was preaching
Zealot Zealot (6 months ago)
Do your best to wait until marriage before kissing so that you can lead a pure relationship. But if you do end up kissing, please do not beat yourself up over it. It's normal and you can always pick up from where you left off and learn about God from your humanity and mistakes. God bless!
ALL4SCUBA05 (6 months ago)
A passionate kiss is part of sex even if it DOESN’T lead to sex. A peck on the cheek is okay. A peck on the lips is okay. Locking lips is for your spouse only.
Marsha Creary (6 months ago)
Is there a forum where youth pastors discuss topics like this as they work with young people?
Timotius Yap (6 months ago)
all of this is just an opinion based on a book written based on an opinion of the writer. How cool is this? I'm not saying that the book is unreliable, I just started to read the Boy meets Girl myself. But this video...please just say it is a synopsis of a book that you've read. My suggestion is you share more principles focusing on Bible based values. Yes like rev./pastors...
Erica's Fam (6 months ago)
I feel like its ok to kiss after youre engaged
Annika Ehrig (6 months ago)
Senpai_ ChocolateIvy (6 months ago)
At this point I'm confused, Idk what to do I've fallen short of God's grace so many times and this topic is one of them. Imma be completely honest "making out" with someone will lead to temptation I've been doing it for 2 weeks and every time I end up touching my girlfriend's butt. Even though we're both Christian and there is communication(no one is perfect and everyone sins) , so can someone tell me what to do and what to say to her so we keep our relationship but keep it godly as well
jessica adonu (6 months ago)
This video helped
thon kim (6 months ago)
Most of the kissing are Eros kiss not agape kiss. Hehehe
danekeeper1 (6 months ago)
hahahaahah Private face book group...the secret to the way of the lord....to make a few bucks...hahhaahah what a con job.
Wiseborne Phiri (6 months ago)
Nunov Yrbznes (6 months ago)
Apparently, religion can make people silly. Is this fellow trying to sell the idea that boys and girls who may be in their early or even late twenties,  have not yet kissed another person, and should not ? What planet is he living on? There's a pious namby-pambyness  about this brand of "religion" that most of the world would tend to reject. Kissing for these people must be a very mechanical and orderly affair, with rules and regulations as to how often, how much, how long, how pleasurable. His girl friend kissed him on the neck and he almost fainted! What kind of malarkey is this? This is a very unwholesome posture toward life. There is nothing worse that can happen to a couple than to go virgins to the altar and discover not long after the nuptials that for one reason or another they are sexually incompatible. There are things that had better be discovered before marriage than tragically after. And what would he have to say about the buildup of sexual tension in normal people, boys and girls both, starting at around age fourteen? What does this pilgrim have to say about that delicate subject? Will he tell us what are his own practices in this regard? Somehow I doubt it very much. Kids, if you get into your twenties, and think that God is watching you in your privatest moments, then not only are you in a very strange place, but you are setting yourself up for some real problems. To say nothing of missing out on some of life's most delicious and profound, sweetest and most fulfilling moments.
Sean Canaway (7 months ago)
The bible wants our parents to pick our mates. After a price for the bride has been agreed to and paid, you may marry your wife without the temptations of dating and procreate your brains out.
ladymusiclover (7 months ago)
I don't think I can wait till marriage to kiss.
Ethan Allen (7 months ago)
Of course you can kiss someone pre-marriage. Just silly....
Ethan Allen (7 months ago)
Christianity is dead
Curt Christensen (7 months ago)
Eww .....germs!!!!
solomon Balogun (7 months ago)
Ingvild Kvakestad (7 months ago)
I am mildly A sexual Bi romantic I want to cuddle not kiss or have sex I am virgin and have never kissed
ryan derksen (7 months ago)
This subject is a slippery slope. like you said kissing before marriage probably isn't a sin but it certainly can open doors to temptation if you are not strong in your faith.
YEE YEE! (7 months ago)
Ima Christian but this shit is fucking confusing, can we kiss or nah
Michael Vanin (7 months ago)
God's shown me that a kiss is for a husband and a wife. Until she's your wife she belongs to her father. He hasn't given her to you yet. Don't do anything with her that you wouldn't do in front of her father! When she's your wife you'll be glad you waited to share that kiss, it'll be a holy one. "You may now kiss the bride." That and you won't have to repent for doing something unholy with another man's future wife. Trust me :)
Diekola Oje (7 months ago)
it is not bad for a christian to kiss before marriage....the reason some people say it is bad is because it could lead to sex..if you know u ve control u can...
Joshua Shepherd (7 months ago)
Peck, maybe (no), making out, no. Cuddling and kissing was very very bad for my purity and led me down the path of destruction, I don't suggest it at all. This coming from someone who really wanted to do it right and waited very long before I made bad decisions. Heartache and alchol didn't help.
no kissing. and after marriage, sex in missionary only, through a hole in a sheet, in a dark room, for reproductive purposes only, and with both participants crying. still no kissing. kissing makes an angel lose its wings.
James Gretsch (7 months ago)
What's your ethnicity?
James Gretsch (7 months ago)
You should be able to kiss before marriage, I mean it's not sex. You should not be able to kiss and tell though.
PSJ fellowship (7 months ago)
Try that people.challenge each other to see how many days you can go without holfung hands or kissing
PSJ fellowship (7 months ago)
Kissing is okay as long as you dont let your hormones control u.we should control our hormones.i think pray together for God to help us to leavr sexual things for marriage.its because in movies,in books,in magazines,on dvds.thay advertise that its okay.i haf sexual encounters before with ex girlfriend.im not proud of that.i learned that sex is only for marraige.i think its better to not kiss if you know you someone who cant control your hormones.everytime that you feel your hormones take over when you kis or hold hands then two of you should go sit down imediatly and pray and adk God ti help you to control your hormones.we as men should train our self to back down emediatly when our hormones take over.by stop kissing when you feel like moving to next steo.an excercise you can do to helo both of you get in control of your hormoned is by holding each other and timing yourseves how many days you can go with out kissing ir holding hands.and in that time focus more on non physical activities that you both can do together.when you visit each other.and make shure that you are never allone with each other.and going in to each others rooms should be a defnet boundery
Adolfo C (7 months ago)
Adolfo C (7 months ago)
Proverbs 14:12 (KJV) 12 There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death. Proverbs 14:15 King James Version (KJV) 15 The simple believeth every word: but the prudent man looketh well to his going. (Bible Gateway Public Domain)
Alex Graham (7 months ago)
Can you kiss without lusting? Think not!
Bing Gamos (7 months ago)
Can you still hug etc. if it’s not sexual, but as friends and whatnot? Just a friendly hug?
Roy Chefets (8 months ago)
This has got to be satirical because otherwise its totally ridiculous. Good thing you gave your heart to God because you are so homely, I can't imagine any woman being attracted to you. You are really a fool.
ThatChristianVlogger (8 months ago)
aww... feels bad :( ... but not really
A Conneely (8 months ago)
I kissed my grandma and she slipped me the tongue . Is that a sin
Kate Hubschman (8 months ago)
Oh my gosh, I love this! So much clarity.. from basic shared humility. Thanks for sharing! :)
Žan Mohorko (8 months ago)
It is not a sin if you kiss, if you two really purely love each other...but without lust and such things...(only french and such kisses ARE A SIN!!!)
Joe Halecki (8 months ago)
My. first. date. was. a. Blind. Date. And. First. kiss. At .19. . I. was. Catholic. At. The. Time. She. was. Protestant. It. was. A. Normal. Kiss.
thompsonturkey (8 months ago)
I really support what he is saying but I can help but mention Ephesians chapter 5 were it is stated to “flee from sexual immorality”. So it is dangerous to approach the mind set that it’s ok to get as close as you can without actually sinning. Fleeing from sexual immorality is not standing on the line, it is running as far away as you can. But like he also stating it can become unhealthy to not show affection and at a certain level of intimacy it would be completely not wrong to show affection through pda as Long as it is not causing you to lust.
NATURALLY GIFTED (8 months ago)
One must go by his or own convictions. I totally agree with you.
huemanatee (8 months ago)
Which one of you nasty fools likes hand-holding?
soof 15 (8 months ago)
Oops i kissed when i was rlly young a lot. Now im 15 and i regret it and i wont do it again. I just saw people do it and did the same thing
marlin gates (8 months ago)
I would consider my asexual who more a deist than Christian from what I understand is have some boundaries as long as is there is not sexual actions before marriage, I have no desire for sex myself so most of that goes out the window. I don't personally consider kissing or cuddling or hand holding sexual or bad but that's just me.
Chriisa Goromeo (8 months ago)
Well explained :)

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