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The Magic Factory

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As the park prepared to open their groundbreaking new ride, Oblivion, a BBC documentary team followed a number of people relating to Alton Towers during the 1997 season.
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River Huntingdon (5 months ago)
I have this on an old S-VHS videotape, much of the music used is different to that in the original steam telly programme. I recall well going to Alton Towers before all the " Proceedures " and other elf'n'safety nazi rubbish were a twinkle in the milkman's eyes. Seems to me the staff would have more fun, and job satisfaction, and the guests too, if they were left alone to do their jobs, and not treated like children.
Phil Isaak (8 months ago)
36:52...yes love, I don’t think a customer service role is for you. God help your students if ever you did become a teacher! Cynical cow 😂
Phil Isaak (8 months ago)
7:55...there’s always one little, dirty chav that ruins it!! Probably the same one that graffitis in the queue lines!!
River Huntingdon (5 months ago)
INNIT BRO ! Down with chavs.
The most insightful and down to earth UK theme park documentary ever made, pretty wry and bittersweet in places too! Filmed at a time when Alton Towers was on the brink of change too
Inversions & Airtime (1 year ago)
Even though Alton Towers is now part of Merlin, they still manage to produce the magic (even if merlin couldn't careless)
Danielle Dewitt (1 year ago)
Except oblivion is just shy of vertical.
Coasters WW (1 year ago)
who else is here from tpw?
NCKYG2X3 (1 year ago)
theme park worldwide said this was a good documentary so i come to watch
Coasters WW (1 year ago)
G0BLIN666 sameee
NCKYG2X3 (1 year ago)
awww cool i really enjoyed it
Will Sharp (1 year ago)
armyboy608 (1 year ago)
Bin men get £3.40 an hour 😵 I remember watching this as a kid!!! They should do a modern day version for SW8.
Harrison Leggo (1 year ago)
Before Merlin destroyed the magic
Phil Isaak (8 months ago)
Harrison Leggo: I agree to an extent but really, does it look like magic when you see some fat chav smoking in the staff room and some miserable bitch that’s written some sort of poem about how shit her days are working for Tussauds! 😂
Liam Wright (2 years ago)
His pronunciation of Bolliger and Mabillard was horrid. xD
Dom wpc (7 months ago)
no, that's how you actually say it xD bolee-shuu and mabee-ard
Liam Wright (2 years ago)
10:50 that's the donuts place in mutiny bay right?
Rob Heath (1 year ago)
Liam Wright and 3:17
SteliosSeven (5 years ago)
Ah the days when the Fireworks were not swarmed with pop music. If only I was born then...

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