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"It's Only Hugging" | Boundaries In Christian Dating

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'"It's Only Hugging" | Boundaries In Christian Dating' Thanks for watching episode 1 in this 3 part series! I hope this video was encouraging and helpful as you seek to be pure throughout your dating and beyond! Whoop! Thanks for being part of the P&M Fam!! Join our PATREON!⭐️ https://www.patreon.com/paulandmorganshow Paul and Morgan MERCH IS HERE!👇 http://Paulandmorganshow.com Give a thumbs up if you enjoyed the vid! 🍉 Please Subscribe! YouTube.com/c/paulandmorgan WATCH MORE! 👇 LOVE AND RELATIONSHIPS: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL0m7jgqKY4gdhUyUUvIkQdSGQBt2md04s CONTROVERSIAL TOPICS https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL0m7jgqKY4gdHgVyhfrf3lk0mBDLJxWsB GET TO KNOW US: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL0m7jgqKY4geCXg9DhVbgyHviy1gEc_J8 PHYSICAL BOUNDARIES IN DATING:https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL0m7jgqKY4gcW3IutXdNKo4CezE1494ed Follow us on other sites! Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/paulolliges/ https://www.instagram.com/morgan_olliii/ Paul and Morgan Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/paulandmorgan/ Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/paulandmorganshow/ Paul’s Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/PaulOlliges
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Text Comments (1307)
vivacioushannah (11 months ago)
Wow, what a way to think about lust - that everything else we are to resist, but lust we are to flee from! Great way of putting it! Y'all have given this hugger a lot to think about 🤔
Kiera Haggarty (3 hours ago)
+Jeremiah Tassinari+ You don't know what the truth is, though. No one does.
Jeremiah Tassinari (6 hours ago)
+Kiera Haggarty I am passionate about it because everyone will either go to heaven or hell and j want you to hear the truth that Jesus Christ died for your sins on the cross, was buried, and rose from the grave and you have to believe that to go to heaven or else you go to hell
Kiera Haggarty (15 hours ago)
+Ayay Captain+ Exactly.
Ayay Captain (15 hours ago)
Having intimacy is perfectly normal for a human being. When I read those things I am just so sorry for all those who try to reach such a high and unnatural standart. Having those needs is perfectly fine! Dont be ashamed of that. I cant stand how something like hugging is made sexual by Paul and Morgan. Such a bad influence. P & M, I guess your thoughts are already very sexual - because if not then you wouldnt sexualize something like hugging that much. And now you put your interpretation in the minds of your viewers. So sorry for them, especially for the younger ones who will feel guilty for their normal feelings.
Kiera Haggarty (19 hours ago)
+Jeremiah Tassinari+ You didn't answer my question. But to answer yours; no. No one does. No one knows whether it exists or not, so...
Rhythm of Roses (5 hours ago)
Fucking corny
alyssapbernens (8 hours ago)
Ayay Captain (15 hours ago)
How dirty are your thoughts?
Patrice White (17 hours ago)
Weight Loss Ninjas (1 day ago)
WOW! I'm amazed there are still young people who are willing to speak the truth. Nowadays most 'Christian' dating advice consists of 'oh well you can do what you want so long as you ask God for forgiveness. Good you guys
Paul and Morgan (17 hours ago)
Thank you for your comment :)
gussie marx (3 days ago)
I respect that everyone has different physical boundaries but like. hugging doesn't just go into sex. if you cant hug a girl without groping her that's a you problem not a hug problem
Wanda Miller (4 days ago)
This was great advice
Paul and Morgan (2 days ago)
Thank you for your support! :)
Tom The Doctor (4 days ago)
So, what’s worse then? The possibility of sin being committed or a sin itself. Giving in to lust and knowing lust is present are two totally different things. How do we discern that or are they the same? And if they are the same, how can any of us be saved, because being aware of sin is just as bad as committing it?
Tig Dogsbody (4 days ago)
You should tell your sister to stop drinking, she is embarrassing herself.
Steven Doolittle (4 days ago)
This argument relies on the slippery slope logical fallacy, which is classified as such because the statement it makes doesn't stand up to scrutiny. If refraining from hugging in the first place keeps the couple from getting more physical by the third and fourth dates, then a couple can stick to just the first hugging example without going further down the road in the same way. This argument doesn't make sense.
Bryan Tucker (5 days ago)
Is he wearing mascara? It would make sense.
veera (5 days ago)
man you guys just can't have any fun, huh ?
Climbing Everest (6 days ago)
I'm sorry but these ideologies of beyond WEIRD. I like physical touch and I express love by affection. If I was dating a dude and he repeatedly refused to hug me, hold my hand or let the world know that I'm his woman-- that is called a friendship. Not a prospective partner. I don't know where these ideologies come from or why the current church is so obsessed with how people date. I don't even know how I ended up on these weird videos but it makes me sad to think that there are people out there that feel "bad' for hugging their boyfriend. IF i'm not sexually attracted to my boyfriend, I won't even consider marrying him. end of story. IF i have no desire for him, I will not even consider dating him. I am human. I have sexual feelings and desires to pro-create and not only pro-create but to have sex. I'm not going to feel bad or say sorry about that. It's about where I choose to act on these desires. So i guess the only christian solution for me is to have an arranged marriage...these videos are whack. But it was interesting to see what the hype is about.
Seena Sebastian (7 days ago)
I love you guys :) Keep it up, God Bless!
Paul and Morgan (16 hours ago)
Thank you:) We love you <3
seatbelttruck (7 days ago)
...Why are you sexualizing hugging? If somebody isn't personally comfortable with hugging, yeah, don't hug. But don't try to convince other people not to hug in case they'll be "tempted." People hug platonic friends and family members all the time. Equating it with sex is not healthy. And honestly, after looking at stuff both for and against purity culture, even though I'm not against encouraging people to wait, I have to admit that a lot of the tactics used to teach it when I was a kid probably led to my feelings of discomfort and shame regarding sex. For example, throughout my pre-teen and teenage years I equated the sensation of arousal with God warning me that I was sinning. That's... not a healthy attitude. Sex is supposed to be a good, uplifting thing between partners, but I'm honestly not sure I even want to date, partially because the idea of sex scares me. Going too far with preaching purity can and does cause harm.
Goldbranch (7 days ago)
Just here to say the horns behind you kinda make you look like the devil. Not sure that's the vibe you wanna give off.
Pearl The Dichotomy (7 days ago)
I was feeling kinda sad when I saw your video about your thoughts on the LGBT community because y’all seemed to be mainstream Christian but then I realized...y’all are the kinda Christians that y’all don’t believe in hugging and kissing before marriage... what the heck
Carsen Darling (8 days ago)
So according to these guys. No hugging and no kissing before marriage. What's next? No looking at your partner before marriage?
Navytoy (8 days ago)
Want to share our story: My husband and I have been married for many, many years! We met at church. He was our Youth Director and I was the Youth Secretary. - [ ] He ask me out in December . . . at that time I didn’t even call him by his first name. - [ ] He proposed the following month . . . January. - [ ] He gave me my engagement ring in February . . . yes, the next month. - [ ] We were married 40 days later . . . in March. During this 3 month period, I skipped most of my college classes and spent many hours with him at his home. We hugged and kissed because we were ”so in love”! I must tell you more info: - [ ] I was 22 and he was 29. - [ ] I was 100% a virgin. I have never even gone out with a guy who was forward. - [ ] My husband was a widower . . . thus sex and its accompanying urges was not new to him. Not once did he act other than a perfect gentleman. He would sometimes say, “We’ve got to stop kissing!” And I would stop momentarily . . . but I enjoyed it so much, that stoppage was usually pretty brief!!! Later he told me he was so afraid he would do something wrong and I would not marry him. So on my wedding night I was 100% a virgin. He was the most loving, gentle husband anyone could ask for . . . and thus, I loved sex. ps: We will celebrate 50 years of marriage this coming March 17 !!!
Paul and Morgan (7 days ago)
Thank you for sharing your story :)
Ahmed Bihi (8 days ago)
He defo passing no nut November
Weirdo 57 (9 days ago)
I didn't hug my wife until we were in the presence of a priest on our wedding day. Best decision of my life. God will lead you the way you are supposed to walk. That path is as far away from a partners body as possible. UNTIL you are officially accepted by the lord.
Paul and Morgan (7 days ago)
Thank you for sharing your story! :)
Tombie Lann (9 days ago)
I respect you and your opinions but I disagree so strongly😂
Paul and Morgan (7 days ago)
You're allowed to disagree :)
Bella Carrasco (10 days ago)
2:09 is when they start finally talking about the subject😂
Katelin M (10 days ago)
So as a conservative Christian u have a tattoo but have a problem with hugging??? Makes sense
Max Muchas (10 days ago)
Can the US please stop for some time? It is getting creepy and sad.
Lady Underwood (11 days ago)
No hugging? Thats adorable :3
1999 Killer (11 days ago)
I thought girl defined was bad
TheJwang8000 (11 days ago)
I'm a Christian, & I think hugging is acceptable.
Quinn Ruggles (11 days ago)
He like really hot ... so sad he’s a fucking weird ass pussy
Adrianna Santiago (11 days ago)
God Bless you guys! I just started watching your videos and you guys are literally what I’ve been praying for! I’m single and looking for a guy who loves the lord with all his heart and keeps him first and being able to see the way you guys are together gives me so much hope that my future husband is out there. And future friends cause you guys are the type of people I pray for to be in my life. I just went through a lot in life and had to choose my God over my friends and what I had planned. He saved my life and just about 9 months ago I came to Christ and he put such a different vision in my head as to what my life could be. Thank you guys for these videos and being you! Cause this gives me so much hope that his vision for me will come true!
it’s toni my dudes (11 days ago)
you guys must be so much fun in bed
Kelsey Moodley (12 days ago)
Not hugging is a step too far... in my opinion
Kailyn Townsend (12 days ago)
This advice makes a lot of sense to me but I think it would be really helpful if you could give examples of when along in the relationship you felt ready to progress to a front hug and so on.
illana levi (12 days ago)
THE horned PHOTO/ behind Morgan was a bit distracting
Faye Willey (12 days ago)
the horns behind her head are a sign from satan
Faye Willey (12 days ago)
she needs to stop trying to sing it's embarrassing
Faye Willey (12 days ago)
is she drunk or what
Eva Schuh (12 days ago)
He’s so fine what a waste
Eva Schuh (11 days ago)
Lady Underwood He’s a waste because he is a homophobe who uses his religion to discriminate against others, and he and his partner are extremely obnoxious and close minded. He is spreading toxic ideas that suppress biological desires that are completely natural, and do not need to be shamed to such an extent. If you think that’s sweet, cool. But I don’t. And my comment was not even to be taken seriously.
Lady Underwood (11 days ago)
I think him saving his hugs for his wife is honorable. And saying his religious convictions makes it a waste is rude.
Brooke Nicole (12 days ago)
cody ko where are you
Happy Kid (12 days ago)
they have great teeth and smile.
Nikki Mia (13 days ago)
Homeboy is good looking and he could be getting hella pussy if it weren't for his creepy conservative views...so sad
Nienke Peursum (13 days ago)
I am a christian and I do not believe in sex before marriage but I do not agree with this. Yes hugging can lead to more but not when you are in a public place and also if you set clear boundaries with the person you are dating. I love hugs, that is how I express my love, with my guy friends maybe not that often but my girl friends all the time. I had a deep conversation with one of my guy friends, it was intents, after the conversation I just needed to give him a big hug. Do you think that is wrong? I don't think so.. I really do believe it is all about a mindset and communication honestly. I do however see where you are coming from tho :)
Your Daily Dose Of Emo (13 days ago)
Why the hell did this show up in my recommendation? Wtf is this? Shall I avoid eye contact too?
Xo Bryana (13 days ago)
Hey I have a question so me and this guy like each other and kinda rushed it and ruined it do u think we can fix it and keep it slow?
Tamala Tina (13 days ago)
Paul and Morgan (13 days ago)
AshNicFeld (14 days ago)
I go to my church dances we hold every few months, and I usually hug the guy I dance with after each slow song! Hugging is only disgusting if you make it that way. It’s real innocent if you do it in the appropriate way at the appropriate time 😄
AshNicFeld (14 days ago)
Morgan is in the perfect place! She has horns 😂
Paul and Morgan (13 days ago)
Lol...yeaahhhh :P
Gary Williams (14 days ago)
Him "I had a blast with you last night Charlotte Her "I had a blast too, but we mustn´t like each other too much" Him "Whys that?" Her "Some religious horse shit! Him "I see"
Hai Brooke (14 days ago)
As someone who grew up conservative christian and as someone who has had several sexual partners and am not married and don’t really believe in the western idea of “marriage”. I get boundaries are personal and you have to respect someone’s but i don’t think having different boundaries as someone else means they don’t respect their body. Give a man an inch and he’ll put in 6. As for myself personally I’m glad I didn’t wait until marriage because they are people i’ve slept with that i am not in any way shape or form sexually compatible. We shouldn’t shame those who wait or don’t wait. We all sin differently 🤷🏼‍♀️
Paul and Morgan (14 days ago)
Thanks for sharing your opinion :)
MsRyn (15 days ago)
Them: Hugging before marriage!!! 🙅🏽‍♀️😱 Them also: has a tattoo.. 😑 pick one please. If you are going to be super anal and conservative....be that lolllll
MsRyn (13 days ago)
Paul and Morgan You understand the entire Bible? Good for you guys! I’m 100% honest with myself and know I don’t understand the whole Bible in every way God wants us to understand it, and I know the same goes for everyone else on this planet, but if you were given the revelation to understand the whole Bible awesome for you! One thing I DO understand though? That everyone’s walk is different. I actually care 0% if you have a tattoo but I said it to make a point, you too believe hugging leads to other stuff. Most people don’t, there are people who believe tatts etc. aren’t “Godly”. You see how this can go tit for tat? Everyone’s walk is different if you want to sexualize your own body with different stuff go ahead but don’t sexualize the rest of us. Thank you.
Paul and Morgan (13 days ago)
Gotta read the whole Bible and understand all of it to know why some old testament laws are still in place and some are not. Thanks though!
Roger Kreil (15 days ago)
How would you act on dates if you found out that the universe doesn’t need God?
autumn kohout (15 days ago)
Hahaa I had sex with my husband the first night we hang out. A year later I got pregs, he went into the Army and we got MARRIED ! I love him and my baby boy more than anything ! I am Christian and I believe this was Gods plan for us, even if our story is "out of order"
Paul and Morgan (14 days ago)
Thanks for your comment :)
Ola Onuoha (16 days ago)
Omg guys I was having a little mini panic attack and this video just calmed me down. Just hearing about you speak about the Lord has just soothed me! I’m trying to drown out some inner noise, God bless
Paul and Morgan (14 days ago)
Keep listening to the Lord! He will never forsake you <3
Well there's always masturbation. Aside from that there are people that love hugging a lot and those that do not and I think it's just a matter of comfort and preference.
Doina Neculcea (16 days ago)
Sorry, but no. Hugging is NOT sexual. I have never ever had sexual thoughts while hugging someone.... this is too far
Paul and Morgan (16 days ago)
Thanks for sharing :)
Adriaan De Lange (17 days ago)
Really cool! Thanks a lot!
Paul and Morgan (16 days ago)
Eduardo Guerra (17 days ago)
Absolutely everthing is a sin and a perversion for the naivee christians...even a hug.
Eduardo Guerra (17 days ago)
If the christian think all sexuality can keep in a cage and avoiding even lust thoughts until the day of marriage...they are incredible naivee and out of the focus of the human condition.
Ok Whatever (17 days ago)
Go fund me for your music? Take out a loan or get a real job Jesus Christ
Emily Ryan (18 days ago)
*Male friend is crying about something* Morgan: Sorry I can't hug you, we might end up having sex. How about a high five?
Gary Williams (18 days ago)
A kiss is healthier than a handshake as more germs are transmitted by the hand than through the mouth. Bible thumpers take notice.
Nasya Stanley (18 days ago)
I think it might be important for us to keep in mind they are specifically talking about in a dating environment. Implying that there are romantic feelings involved. Yes, the chance that a hug with a friend you have no romantic feelings for will lead no where. But, in the case of a romantic interest they're saying not to invite that type of temptation into your life/ relationship.
Paul and Morgan (16 days ago)
Katrina Carrico (18 days ago)
Why are you guys making hugging a big deal? You hug your mom and your dad and your friends. Hugs are meant to be a friendly gesture. When I hug my boyfriend, we hug because we like hanging out with each other and enjoy each other's company, not because we want to have sex. We have agreed not to have sex before marriage.
Aderinsola Adesida (19 days ago)
Very easy fix is to have a conversation about boundaries before you start a relationship. If a guy wanted heavy petting or getting into various states of undress or any non penetrative sex before marriage I would have to say no thanks. And if another guy said I can't hug you or hold your hand or look into your eyes because I'd get lustful I would have to say no thanks. Pretty simple.
Monse Gonzalez (19 days ago)
Is this even real life? Lmao
PaisleyBrainCells (19 days ago)
You're both pervs if you honestly think this way. 😂
Marli HD (19 days ago)
At my Church we hug ppl all the time??¿?¿?
Psyche Flynn (19 days ago)
She looks like a devil with the horns on the painting behind her coming up right on her head omg omg
Pink Panther (19 days ago)
Just saying, I think this is as dumb as everyone else does, but go try living in Saudi Arabia or something. Religion is just idiotic and unnecessary in general, I think.
Anthony Hakila (20 days ago)
what age do you think Christians can date
Paul and Morgan (19 days ago)
I would say, when you are ready to get married. Dating is to determine if that person is the one God has prepared for you, and you for them, to be married! :)
Star Abenir (20 days ago)
I dont think what you're saying is wrong guys. It is hard I'm not going to lie how do you guys do it or did it?
kylie quah (20 days ago)
LOL WHAT ?!? I hug my christian brother in christ and pastors all the time. It's innocent please. please stop twisting things
TheHerothief (20 days ago)
dont you hug your parents? siblings? friends?
Gary Williams (20 days ago)
Him "I had a blast with you last night Charlotte Her "I had a blast too, but we mustn´t like each other too much" Him "Whys that" Her "Some religious horse shit! Him "I see"
Spider Girl (21 days ago)
Morgan I'm like you.um...like not really respecting the boundaries .I think girls are a little more clueless when it comes to some things. Sometimes we wear/do certain things to just look &feel pretty but we don't know what we are doing sexually to the guy unless we are told(I know I need to change my profile pic) but my mom has always said what you all are saying.i swear it's weird
Spider Girl (21 days ago)
I swear....you guys sound just like my parents....that's good.😫 But it makes me feel baaaad.ughhh
Gary Williams (21 days ago)
People who believe in religion see something evil around every corner. This is the same religion that tortured and murdered people during the Inquisition Gary Williams
Katie Challacombe (21 days ago)
isn’t it a smarter idea to not talk to people you could be attracted to because that could give you lustful feelings? Better yet why talk to other people???
Sara (22 days ago)
He's pretty hot. Too bad he's a freak though 🤢
laiba (22 days ago)
Christianity is so similar to Islam
Martini Queen (22 days ago)
This is so weird to me! I hug everyone face front 😂 My friends, family, boyfriend hell even my patients and their families at my work in the hospital. And I literally don’t think anything of it at all
lotty (23 days ago)
he’s so hot........ A Waste.
Nicole Yefimchuk (23 days ago)
Lol.. the picture frame made it look like she had horns
J. Chacon (23 days ago)
Lowkey looking like the devil with those horns behind you.
Emma K (23 days ago)
"I'm feeling called to do this by the Lord"... Now give me your money. All this within the first minute and a half of the video. Smooth.
Gary Williams (23 days ago)
How about Jewish dating? Or Muslim dating? Or Hindu dating? -You don´t mention those
Nicole dutton (23 days ago)
I love how the horns of that picture come straight out of her head 😂😂 convenient
ur dad star (24 days ago)
Don’t pick and choose what’s a sin and what isn’t. You guys are putting out a message that frontal hugging and kissing and other normal signs of affection are wrong before marriage but I see a tattoo on her arm. If you are going to interpret the Bible in such a literal sense then follow all of it not just what you like.
Isabel B (24 days ago)
this girl is so brainwashed lmfao
evakorte (24 days ago)
You know what. They actually seem like a really nice couple. And if it works for them... you do you boo. But it seems so weird to me to not be physically affectionate with someone you love. It can create such a strong bond. And I am not even talking about sex. Just being intimate by kissing, cuddling, hugging, tickling, play fighting. Things like that.
Wi ki (24 days ago)
People. Chill.. They didn’t say that hugging is, or need to be a sexual thing! BUT You all (who have ever hugged someone you have badly crushed on) Know that, you just want more after that.. No, you can’t deny it..
Cheslie Milam (25 days ago)
Oh look more Christians asking for money and using God as the excuse to ask for it. 😂
V mnyx (25 days ago)
"christian" men do not get their eyebrows wax/thredded
Como Sea (25 days ago)
The horns in the frame look like they are coming out of your head😂😂😂
DS Grant (25 days ago)
I am very pro-abstinence, but hugging is not sexual. If you think it is, you have a problem. You also have a problem if you think you are supposed to touch the person's butt when you hug them. I shouldn't have to say this, but please stop touching people's butts, or any other parts that are covered when a bathing suit is worn. We learned this in kindergarten. It's fine to hug everybody -- grownups, old people, kids, dogs and cats.
CCknows (26 days ago)
Don't act like Paul ain't beaten his meat every night.
sarah Barousse (27 days ago)
Thank you, you both for speaking the truth and communicating so biblically and for taking this topic so seriously! Its definitely something I need in my life. I am so glad you guys are doing this even with all of these terrible comments!
Pry ServantOfChrist (27 days ago)
Morgan! I was going to ask too if you ever thought about doing a Christian Album!
Joel Nenadovich (29 days ago)
You guys r legends.
Paul and Morgan (28 days ago)

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