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How to Make DIY Cufflinks
See more at: http://www.cuffcrazy.com/cufflink-backs-diy If you need to find the backings for your custom cufflinks, 'CuffCrazy' provides a variety of cufflink settings and backs for all kinds of DIY cufflink creations. They have all shapes, sizes, materials, and colors. (Gold, Silver, Stainless, square, circle, recessed, etc.)
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Top 5 Favorite Women's Wallets
Check it Out: http://www.walletnation.com/womens-wallets Here at WalletNation we sell more than just men's wallets. We also offer a huge selection of Women's Wallets. We don't mean to brag, but our selection of Women's Wallets is pretty awesome, which made choosing our favorites incredibly tough. But we preserved, and the finished product are our Favorite Women's Wallets.
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Trend Nation Bowling Celebration at Red Rock Lanes
Our company outing to Red Rock Lanes for some good old fashion bowling fun for hitting our quarterly goals! It was a great time with lots of laughs and memories made, check it out! (Music is not ours)
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Wishpet Comfy and Cozy Slippers
Need a fun way to keep your feet warm during this winter? Try on a pair of Wishpet Slippers! These little guys will keep your toes nice and toasty no matter the weather outside. Plus, who doesn't want some cute, cuddly animals on their feet?
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DIY Board Game Cufflinks
Check it Out: http://www.cuffcrazy.com/cufflink-backs-diy Got a favorite board game lying around the house? Here's a way to add a little life to that old game of Monopoly! Turn the pieces into Cufflinks! It's a fun activity for kids and kids at heart.
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Bertucci Black DX3 Field Analog Coyote Band Wrist Watch
Check it Out: http://www.cuffcrazy.com/bertucci-black-dx3-field-analog-coyote-band-wrist-watch This do-it-all watch from Bertucci is the perfect versatile tool to add to your wardrobe. The design is classic and timeless, and is made from a patented poly-resin material. It can go with you whether you're out for a hike or taking a stroll through around the mall.
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DIY Knick Knack Cufflinks
Check it Out: http://www.cuffcrazy.com/cufflink-backs-diy In our final installment of the DIY cufflinks series we show you how to make cufflinks out of various knick-knacks around the house from coins to toys.
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LifeHammer Safety Hammer Evolution Emergency Escape Tool
Check out http://www.healthinstyle.com/lifehammer-orange-safety-hammer-evolution-emergency-auto-escape-tool LifeHammer specializes in high quality life-saving devices for your vehicle! Be prepared in emergency situations with these lifehammer accessories!
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Trend Nation Tailgate at Las Vegas 51's Baseball Game Celebration
Our company outing to the local baseball game, the Las Vegas 51's. We started with some tailgating, which involved some games & plenty of food and then headed into the game to watch the 51's defeat the New Orleans's Zephyrs! Overall it was a great time with the Trend Nation team! (Music is not ours)
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Trend Nation: Laugh, Learn, and Grow with Us
Trend Nation is a rapidly growing e-commerce company who is constantly looking to recruit new talent. As the #1 fastest growing company in Nevada ranked by Inc. 500, Trend Nation is interested in hiring motivated people who will help continue expansion into new markets. Work in a playful environment and be a part of a unique company culture. For more information, visit http://www.trendnation.com/careers/
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Which Purse Hook Style fits You Best
Check it Out: http://www.silverhooks.com/purse-hangers
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Sunday Afternoon Cruiser Hat
Check it Out: http://www.cuffcrazy.com/sunday-afternoon-sand-brown-black-cruiser-outdoor-boonie-hat-large This Cruiser Hat from Sunday Afternoon is a great way to keep your head cool during the summer heat. Wear it while hiking, gardening, or just lounging around outside. The lightweight brim adds comfort and sun protection.
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Betsey Johnson Black Clock Crossbody Purse Bag
Check it Out: http://www.silverhooks.com/betsey-johnson-black-clock-crossbody-purse-bag Betsey Johnson has done it again! You'll never have to worry about being late to another dinner date when you have this Betsey Johnson Black Clock Crossbody Purse Bag. It features a fully functional clock and a detachable gold chain.
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BUILT NY Gourmet Getaway Lunch Tote
Check it Out: http://www.silverhooks.com/built-ny-gourmet-getaway-lunch-tote Don't let your lunch travel in style, instead it will make all the other lunch bags jealous. Featuring multiple designs this is bound to be the most attractive tote in the office. It features a large compartment capable of storing a wide variety of Tupperware. The flat bottom of the tote allows all your food to sit upright.
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Hobo International Lauren Clutch Wallet
Check it Out: http://www.silverhooks.com/hobo-international-lauren-clutch-wallet Perfectly situated at the middle of style and functionality, the Hobo International Lauren Clutch Wallet is the perfect gift for the fashionista. It's great for your daily activities and even better for a night out on the town. The interior contains 3 card slots and there are 6 more in clasped compartment. The clutch also features an ID window, a zippered pocket, and 2 bill compartments.
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Animal Onesie - Day in the Life of a One Piece Pajama Costume
Check it Out: http://www.silverhooks.com/plush-animal-onesie-pajamas Thinking of buying a Onesie or Plush Animal Pajama set? Why are you waiting? They're so comfortable you're never going to want to take them off, plus who doesn't want to dress up as a dinosaur, panda, or tiger. Our man Jon is so comfortable in his Pajamas that he hasn't taken his off in weeks!
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Top 5 Backpacks for Boys for Back-to-School
Check it Out: http://www.cuffcrazy.com/content/top-5-backpacks-for-boys-for-back-to-school School is right around the corner, don't let your kid go out sporting last year's backpack. We've selected some of our favorite backpacks that we know any kid is bound to love.
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Trend Nation - Las Vegas Corporate Challenge 2015
Trend Nation participated in our first City of Las Vegas Corporate Challenge! It was three full months of hard work, determination, and team work. Work hard, play hard!
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Sunspot Intelligent Solar Outdoor LED Path Lights
Check it Out: http://www.reusablerevolution.com/6-pack-sunspot-intelligent-solar-outdoor-led-path-lights-black Break free from the grasp of ordinary solar lights with these Sunspot Intelligent Solar Outdoor LED Path Lights. They are triggered by motion sensors, when no one is around they power down to a lower setting, and brighten up when someone walks by. This way they illuminate at all times unlike other motion sensor lights.
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Hobo Leather Vintage Lauren Clutch Wallet
Check it Out: http://www.silverhooks.com/hobo-leather-vintage-lauren-clutch-wallet You can never go wrong with a timeless classic like this Hobo Leather Vintage Lauren Clutch Wallet. Whether you are taking it to work, or out on the town, this versatile wallet is great for any occasion. There are 3 card slots, 1 ID Window and an incredibly spacious zippered pocket, and that's just on the outside. Open up the clasp to reveal 2 bill compartments and 6 more card slots.
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Cufflink Backs: DIY Styles
Check it Out: http://www.cuffcrazy.com/cufflink-backs-diy Cufflinks are a vital fashion accessory, but you may not know everything about them. We'll give you a breakdown of the different styles of cufflink backs, you know the things that keep your links on your cuffs.
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How Do Compression Socks Work?
Check it Out: http://www.healthinstyle.com/socks-compression Ready to ditch those generic, white running socks for something better? Many people are, but they don't understand how compression socks work. There is science behind these handy workout companions. We'll give you a quick overview on how Compression Socks can improve your performance and reduce recovery time.
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Betsey Johnson Bag - Be My Everything Flapover Shoulder Bag
Check it Out: http://www.silverhooks.com/betsey-johnson-cream-be-my-everything-flapover-shoulder-bag Betsey Johnson has done it again with this adorable Cream colored Be My Everything Flapover Shoulder Bag. On the outside of this cute bag is quilted faux leather heart shaped cream exterior with pink accents. With a foldover flap adorned with a heart locket, it is impossible to find a cuter bag than this.
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Trend Nation Internet Distribution
Improve your Amazon Distribution with Internet Distribution from Trend Nation. We marketplace for you, helping to get your brand up on the biggest internet marketplaces. From Amazon to Ebay, Walmart and more, we are experts in a variety of channels.
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Seven Magnificent Money Clips
Check it Out: http://www.walletnation.com/money-clips Free yourself from the tyranny of the tired, old wallet with a Money Clip. These are great alternatives to the traditional wallet because they allow you to cut down on clutter and focus on the essentials. You don't need a small army in your pocket, you just need a Money Clip.
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Electric Watch with Tidal Predictions
Check it Out: http://www.healthinstyle.com/electric-seafoam-pink-ed01-tide-pu-wrist-watch Electric California has created one of the top watches for any aquatic lover. The ED01 Tide PU Wrist Watch is perfect for any surfer, swimmer or beach goer. Not only is the watch water resistant up to 300 ft but it also features a built in tide predictor, moon phase tracking, calendar, and more. Don't hit the beach without first getting an Electric ED01 Tide PU Wrist Watch.
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Eco Friendly Wood Accessories
Check it Out: http://www.cuffcrazy.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=wood Show a little eco-consciousness and make the switch from plastic to wooden products. These puppies will help you make the switch in style. We have great wooden watches from WeWood and Tense, and it doesn't end there. From Wooden Sunglasses to Ties we have you covered.
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Hilarious and Funny Holiday Gag Gifts
Looking for some fun gifts for the holiday season? Need to get a gift for that special someone you just can't stand? Or how about just something to put a smile on the face of your siblings? Gag gifts are just the solution. These gifts are fun, goofy, and a little weird, but sure to brighten up any Christmas.
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LifeHammer Safety Seat Belt Solution Tool
Check out http://www.healthinstyle.com/lifehammer-orange-safety-belt-solution-adjustable-seatbelt-guide-tool LifeHammer specializes in high quality life-saving devices for your vehicle! Be prepared in emergency situations with these lifehammer accessories! The safety belt solution tool prevents your son/daughter from a high discomforting seatbelt.
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Women's Clutch Style Guide
Looking to buy a new Clutch but don't know what to look for? Our style guide will help to kick start your shopping into high gear. Clutches are a great and versatile alternative to the traditional purse and can complete any cute outfit, no matter the occasion.
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Columbia Catherine Creek RFID Slimfold Wallet
Check it Out: http://www.cuffcrazy.com/columbia-catherine-creek-rfid-slimfold-wallet This Columbia Catherine Creek RFID Slimfold Wallet is a great gift for Father's Day or any holiday for that matter. It's crafted by Columbia, who has over 70 years of apparel and accessory experience. It provides RFID protection and can hold all of your essentials with ease because of its 6 card slots, 1 currency pocket and 2 utility pockets.
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Top 5 Fun Lunch Bags for Back to School
Check it Out: http://www.silverhooks.com/content/top-5-fun-lunch-bags-for-back-to-school Heading back to school soon? Don't be like everyone else with a brown paper bag lunch. Not only are they unimaginative but they aren't good for the environment since they can only be used once. Instead, check out our Top 5 Fun Lunch Bags for Back to School. Your kids will thank you for adding some style to their already delicious lunch.
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Top 5 Backpacks for Girls for Back-to-School
Check it Out: http://www.silverhooks.com/content/top-5-backpacks-for-girls Heading back to school in the next few weeks? Whether your finishing up your undergrad or entering the 5th grade, we have just the backpack for you. These bags are sure to wow your classmates and the rest of campus.
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Rider Sandals Black Relay IV After Sport Sandal
Check it Out: http://www.cuffcrazy.com/rider-sandals-black-relay-iv-after-sport-sandal-shoes Need a great after exercise recovery shoe? The Rider Sandals Black Relay Sandals are perfect for anyone who just finished up a hard workout or strenuous activity. The arch-fit technology and design is great for your foot, making every step feel insanely comfortable. Made from 25% recycled material, they are good for the planet.
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Betsey Johnson Bag - Bow-Tas-Tic Bow Print Tote Bag
Check It Out: http://www.silverhooks.com/betsey-johnson-bow-tas-tic-bow-print-tote-bag Put a bow on your perfect summer style with this Bow-Tas-Tic Tote Bag from Betsey Johnson. With Pebbled Faux Leather and a great cream colored bow on the outside, you'll catch everyone's eye.
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Isotoner Shortie Driving Gloves w/ Leather Palm Strips
Check it Out: http://www.silverhooks.com/isotoner-shortie-driving-gloves-w-leather-palm-strips Need the perfect gloves for those winter drives? Why not grab a pair of these Isotoner Shortie Driving Gloves which feature Leather Palm Strips. They provide great grip for any driving situation and are the perfect accessory to keep your hands warm during the winter.
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Daniel Wellington Watches
Check it Out: http://www.cuffcrazy.com/daniel-wellington-classic-sheffield-rose-gold-w-black-leather-band-watch Looking for a sophisticated watch to help you keep track of the time? Look no more, Daniel Wellington creates the perfect watch for the modern gentleman. Every Daniel Wellington watch is made with the customer in mind. It eschews the flash that many modern watches are defined by and instead exudes class. The DW logo takes center stage. We carry a variety of Daniel Wellington Watches Daniel Wellington Silver Classic St. Andrews Watch w/Leather Band http://www.cuffcrazy.com/daniel-wellington-silver-classic-st-andrews-watch-w-leather-band Daniel Wellington Rose Gold Classic Bristol Watch w/ Leather Band http://www.cuffcrazy.com/daniel-wellington-rose-gold-classic-bristol-watch-w-leather-band Daniel Wellington Rose Gold Classic Canterbury Watch w/ Striped Nylon Band http://www.cuffcrazy.com/daniel-wellington-rose-gold-classic-canterbury-watch-w-striped-nylon-band Daniel Wellington Silver Classic Glasgow Watch w/ Striped Nylon Band http://www.cuffcrazy.com/daniel-wellington-silver-classic-glasgow-watch-w-striped-nylon-band Daniel Wellington Silver Classic Warwick Watch w/ Striped Nylon Band http://www.cuffcrazy.com/daniel-wellington-silver-classic-warwick-watch-w-striped-nylon-band Daniel Wellington Classic Sheffield Rose Gold w/ Black Leather Band Watch http://www.cuffcrazy.com/daniel-wellington-classic-sheffield-rose-gold-w-black-leather-band-watch
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Tosca Tote Bag - Nylon Oversized Travel Tote Bag w/ Detachable Shoulder Strap
Check it Out: http://www.silverhooks.com/tosca-women-s-nylon-oversized-travel-tote-bag-w-detachable-shoulder-strap-choice-of-colors This Tosca Women's Tote is the perfect travel companion. With a Detachable shoulder strap this bag provides versatility and style. With two different slip pockets and zipper pocket there is plenty of room. Choose from 6 different bright colors for your tote.
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Rider Sandals Duo Thong Sandal Shoes
Check it Out: http://www.cuffcrazy.com/rider-sandals-blue-yellow-duo-thong-sandal-shoes Looking for some fun sandals to wear this pool season? Look no more with these fun and comfortable Rider Sandals Duo Thong Shoes. They fit just right for any foot and are great for lounging out by the pool or in the water.
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Solar Halloween Skull Fright Light - SKULLar
Check out SKULLar at http://www.reusablerevolution.com/skullar-solar-powered-fright-light Scare your neighbors and friends this Halloween, while saving money and being eco-friendly. SKULLar is a solar powered skull fright light. It is a perfect addition to your Halloween decorations. It can be placed anywhere since it does not require any wiring or electrical outlets. SKULLar will definitely give everyone a nice little scare this holiday season. Light up your home and office and let the fright begin!
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Kate Spade New York "Like A Book" 16 Oz Thermal Mug
Check it Out: http://www.silverhooks.com/kate-spade-new-york-like-a-book-16-oz-thermal-mug If you love to read and you love coffee then you need to invest in one of these Kate Spade New York "Like a Book" Thermal Mug. It is adorned with all your favorite books from Jane Austin to Hemingway. This BPA free mug is also big enough to carry any 16 oz drink and keep it warm.
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Baxbo Hidden Flask Clip-on Neck Tie
Check it Out: http://www.cuffcrazy.com/baxbo-hidden-flask-clip-on-neck-tie Baxbo has come up with a convenient and fun way to drink. The Baxbo Hidden Flask Tie is a great way to have a good time. No one will even know the fun you are packing since on the outside it looks just like a tie. And if you don't know how to tie a tie, no worries, it's a clip on!
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Mundi Clutch - My Big Fat Wallet Clutch w/ Calculator
Check it Out: http://www.silverhooks.com/mundi-women-s-big-fat-wallet-organizer-clutch-w-calc-choice-of-colors This Clutch Wallet from Mundi is great for women seeking a little more organization. It is packed with storage space as well as a solar calculator. No one would ever believe that such a cute wallet like this one would also feature a calculator.
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108 LED Solar Powered Flood Light Ground Mount
Get yours now: http://www.reusablerevolution.com/108-led-solar-powered-flood-light-ground-mount This is a new super bright Solar Powered Flood Light that has 108 white LEDs. The light is suitable for both residential and commercial usage. It provides an extremely powerful illumination up to 5W which makes it ideal for lighting up front entrances, backyards, landscapes, patios, walkways, garages, parking lots, sheds, and signs. The unit comes with stakes to secure the unit into the ground.
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The Best Winter Gear to Keep You Warm
Winter can be an unforgiving time of the year for those who aren't prepared. The punishing cold and driving snow can break even the hardest of men. Here at CuffCrazy.com, we understand the perils of Winter, but that's why we also supply some of the most stylish winter gear to keep you warm throughout the season. From scarves to hats and gloves, we guarantee you won't freeze this Winter.
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Baglane Hanging Toiletries Video
Check it out: http://www.amazon.com/Baglane-Hanging-Toiletry-Bag-Techlife/dp/B014LKZKCM/ The easy to carry all your toiletries with you no matter where you travel.
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Odd Sox Sublimated Casual Crew Socks
Check it Out: http://www.cuffcrazy.com/odd-sox-sublimated-casual-crew-socks Keep your feet cool no matter the temperature, because you'll be the coolest cat on the block with these Odd Sox Sublimated Casual Crew Socks. They come in a wide variety of designs including Emojis, Peanut Butter and Jelly, and even donuts.
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Spooky Solar Halloween Fright Lights
Don't get too spooked, but Halloween is right around the corner. Before you know it the goblins and ghouls will be on your doorstep asking for candy. Put a little fright into them this year with a solar powered Skull Light, or even a Zombie!
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No-Show Socks: Angelina Assorted Cotton Womens Socks
Check it Out: http://www.silverhooks.com/angelina-assorted-cotton-no-show-liner-socks Tired of your socks peeking through? Grab a pair of Angelina Cotton No-Show Liner Socks. They'll keep your feet farm, cozy, and sweat free without having to worry about it ruining your outfit. They cover your heels, soles and toes.
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Exuvius Titanium Titan Multi-Tool Collar Stays - Set of 4
Check it Out: http://www.cuffcrazy.com/exuvius-silver-titanium-titan-multi-tool-collar-stays-set-of-4 The days of the Swiss Army knife are over. There is a new Multi-Tool on the block, or should we say, collar. The Exuvius Titan Multi-Tool Collar Stay serves as a collar stay during the day but when night rolls around it can also pop open a cold one. Don't forget the ruler on the sides as well.
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